Atelier d'usinage


Established in 2005, K par K is a machine shop with a reputation for high-precision, high-quality workmanship. We produce parts that meet your requirements and we always deliver on time.


Whether you need a part created, manufactured, refurbished or repaired, we will analyze your needs and offer customized solutions.


We serve the manufacturing, industrial and commercial sectors,
and we provide reliable, efficient after-sales service.


To serve you better, we have developed a network of business partners who share our commitment to quality.

André St-Denis
President and founder

A machinist and toolmaker for over 35 years, André St-Denis has a wealth of experience in the mould and die-making business as well as in the aerospace industry, where precision is of prime importance.


He has a unique talent for tailoring solutions to the specific needs of his customers and for building solid working relationship with them.


He loves to talk about sailing – a lifelong passion – and is an excellent captain.